Monday, November 14, 2011

Stitch Stitch STITCH

My hands are about to fall off, my eyes are going to fall out and my brain has gone all fuzzy......all in the name of making stuff by hand......... YUS!
Not only are my hand stitched rings, brooches and necklaces up for grabs at Kraftbomb, Crafternoon Tea and Auckland Art and Craft fair but I am also introducing little hand stitched hair clips and fun-time-a-rama magnets to the range........oh how fabulous!
A massive bunch of book cover brooches, greeting cards and magnets will also be tempting you, even more so due to some epically choice new titles such as Popeye, something about cowboys and my latest Mills and Boon score "Dying For You"
Best you come along to all these fancy markets............oh yes indeed

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