Thursday, March 10, 2011

Return to Melbourne!

Melbourne is once again home for little ole me and after walking around for the last three days I have to say that it is perhaps more brilliant than ever before!
Super fabulous shops have popped up all over the place (but sadly at the same time some of my old favorites have gone)and even though the weather is dreary and chilly people have been smiling and chatting to us wherever we go.
I scored a spiffing new wear-it-only-around-the-house cardy today from Saint Vinnies, a purple mini skirt and an old cookie tin with dolls on it while my boyfriend found a super special alien colouring in book that GLOWS IN THE DARK!!!!!
On the supermarket front I purchased three boxes of Vitasoy for a mere $6 and I found packets of soy cheese squares at the "normal" supermarket for a weeny $4.50.......cheese on toast here I come...........
The people I am staying with are quite possibly the nicest people in the universe and their musical taste is EPIC!
All in all it has been a wondeful re-entry into the country, I'm just hoping the weather improves for out "hello" picnic on Sunday.
More soon..........
Lots of love, Sam xx