Monday, November 14, 2011

Stitch Stitch STITCH

My hands are about to fall off, my eyes are going to fall out and my brain has gone all fuzzy......all in the name of making stuff by hand......... YUS!
Not only are my hand stitched rings, brooches and necklaces up for grabs at Kraftbomb, Crafternoon Tea and Auckland Art and Craft fair but I am also introducing little hand stitched hair clips and fun-time-a-rama magnets to the range........oh how fabulous!
A massive bunch of book cover brooches, greeting cards and magnets will also be tempting you, even more so due to some epically choice new titles such as Popeye, something about cowboys and my latest Mills and Boon score "Dying For You"
Best you come along to all these fancy markets............oh yes indeed

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Back In Auckland!

Plastic Fairy just can't keep still at the moment.....she has found herself back in Auckland City and is somewhat terrified of all the noise and icky smells after a whole bunch of months living out in the lovely country side.......HOWEVER there is some fun and love to be found within the city and Plastic Fairy found a whole bunch of both at the Supermarkets on Saturday (Cassette Bar, Vulcan Lane) and at Kraftbomb yesterday (Grey Lynn Community Hall). All the friendly faces were there along with some spooky bits for Halloween.......I LOVE sugar skulls!
Will try and keep this regular but yooou knoooow meeeeeee

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back in Wellies! (for now)

Well as usual its been about 50 years since my last post.....lets blame it on being too busy with crafty goodness.......
Speaking of such things, Plastic Fairy has been having oodles of fun selling her treats at the Wellington Underground Market and will be trying out The Knack Market this Saturday........can't wait!

Oh yeah, and Plastic Fairy got a wee mention in the newsletter below......thank lovely ladies!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Return to Melbourne!

Melbourne is once again home for little ole me and after walking around for the last three days I have to say that it is perhaps more brilliant than ever before!
Super fabulous shops have popped up all over the place (but sadly at the same time some of my old favorites have gone)and even though the weather is dreary and chilly people have been smiling and chatting to us wherever we go.
I scored a spiffing new wear-it-only-around-the-house cardy today from Saint Vinnies, a purple mini skirt and an old cookie tin with dolls on it while my boyfriend found a super special alien colouring in book that GLOWS IN THE DARK!!!!!
On the supermarket front I purchased three boxes of Vitasoy for a mere $6 and I found packets of soy cheese squares at the "normal" supermarket for a weeny $4.50.......cheese on toast here I come...........
The people I am staying with are quite possibly the nicest people in the universe and their musical taste is EPIC!
All in all it has been a wondeful re-entry into the country, I'm just hoping the weather improves for out "hello" picnic on Sunday.
More soon..........
Lots of love, Sam xx