Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh time, where do you go?

Plastic Fairy is naughty, she is just so very very naughty!
I have started this blog. I have started a website. I have joined four online shops to sell my goodies. And yet I never have the time to make them pretty or informative or exciting.
I go to the op shops and find new books, scraps of fabric and crazy frocks.
Yesterday I found the time to sew anatomical hearts onto my new 50 cent red mini skirt but what about the land of webs and blogs?
I am a terrible mother to my craft.........
I woke up today and decided to fix everything, to set aside the winge and start with a new and improved KAAAPOW!!
So far I have played chase with the dogs, drank two cups of coffee, talked online to my hoodle friend in Sydney and sewed new white extensions into my hair.........
Its nearly lunch time.......I have to make hummus out of those chickpeas that are soaking.......I really like the book that I'm reading ("Snail" by Eric Dando) sister gave me four new cd's to listen to and she wants to watch a movie tonight.......
Uh oh

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